Seagull Control

Seagulls are becoming an increasing problem across the UK, as urban areas prove to be a more attractive alternative to migrating. Offering minimal risk from predators; ample nesting opportunities; plenty of food (bins, public waste etc.) and water, and warmth. Every year, seagull populations are rapidly growing. As these legions of seagulls grow, so do the problems they bring with them.

Common Seagull Issues

Noise pollution

Calling gulls within the early hours of the morning can greatly disturb local residents.

Health and safety hazards

Similar to bird droppings, seagull waste can pose a number of health and safety risks prompting the spread of E.coli, Salmonella and listeria, as well as insect infestations and bites.


Natural scavengers, seagulls are prone to swooping down on people and pets in their attempts to grab food.


From nesting in gas flues to blocking your gutters with their waste, these blockages can lead to leaks, breakages and flooding.

Property damage

Not only an unsightly mess, seagull waste can cause long term damage, erosion and harm to the fabric of your building.

Laws Concerning Seagull Control

It is illegal to kill or do anything that may cause pain or suffering to seagulls, so if you are experiencing problems at home or at your place of business, please do not try to remedy it yourself. Not only is it potentially risky; make the wrong the decision and you could do something illegal.

At Complete Bird Control we can help you to take control of the situation professionally, legally and humanely. For years we have dealt with an assortment of seagull control problems and can easily provide you with a solution that won’t break the bank. So get in touch with us today and allow our specialists to devise a plan that works for you.

What To Do Next – Call Us

At Complete Bird Control, our years of extensive experience in dealing with seagulls means we can supply you with a variety of preventative measures – control spikes, scarers and control nets – that can effectively handle all your problems without having to resort to inhumane actions.

We can survey your situation, devise a plan of action and implement a number of techniques to keep your home, properties and environment seagull free. Contact us today to arrange an appointment.

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