Bird Control

Failure to take control of a bird problem can have lasting and damaging effects, not only to your property but to the environment around you. Birds, pigeons, seagulls, crows, ravens, Canada geese, starlings and other types of birds – give them room to roost, nest and establish a flock, and in the long run you are giving them permission to degrade your property through the acidic droppings from their waste. More worryingly, you are enabling them to spread disease.

At Complete Bird Control we understand the problems certain birds can create. That is why we always endeavour to provide 100% legal, effective and humane removal solutions, so you can naturally deter future infestations without harming birds or other creatures.

We supply a range of measures – bird spikes, bird netting and bird traps – that have been uniquely designed to counteract your bird control problems. At the same time, we can help you to clean-up, decontaminate and restore your property back to its former glory without long term interference to your home, business or industrial properties.

Benefits of Bird Control

Eliminate health risks

Considered common pests, pigeon and seagull droppings can increase your exposure to Ornithosis, Salmonella and E.coli.

Prevent infestation

Aside from birds and pigeons, their presence can attract insects, bird mites, fleas, ticks and lice which can leave behind many unpleasant and disease ridden bites.

Flooding and accidents

From a slipping hazard on pavements and fire escapes to creating blockages in your gutters; long term these droppings can cause leaks which can damage your roof and walls.

Halt fouling and contamination

Once in your building, their droppings can make their way into your air conditioning systems and water sources, leading to contamination, illnesses and health risks.

Stop property damage and degradation

Pigeon droppings are quite acidic, which can cause visible damage to buildings and car paintwork.

Bird & Pigeon Spikes

Easily incorporated onto your buildings exterior; our range of bird proofing spikes are extremely effective at deterring nesting, perching and roosting as they make surfaces hard or unpleasant to land on.

Comprising of a plastic base with metal spikes sticking outwards and upwards, these can either be glued onto the surface of your property or drilled onto walls, ledges, roofs, gutters, windowsills or general perching locations to act as an immediate deterrent. And available in a variety of different sizes and strengths – to handle all bird types – our team of experts can easily advise you on the best system for your property to ensure maximum results.

Bird & Pigeon netting

We supply bird and pigeon netting services across the UK, offering specially tailored nylon nets that when fixed to a wire rope frame, can create a net that no bird can pass through. Even landing or perching is impossible on these inconspicuous nets making them ideal for a variety of scenarios.

Our bird netting is purposefully designed to act as a low profile bird deterrent; however this doesn’t hinder its effectiveness at acting as a physical barrier to areas that need protection. Nor does it prevent you from benefiting from an affordable long term solution against infestations, contamination, droppings and noise pollution.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Ideal for protecting crops, our bird netting can also prevent any unwanted access to warehouse ceilings, bridges, sports stadiums, underpasses, gardens, in domestic properties and in factories.

Why Choose Complete Bird Control?

At Complete Bird Control we possess all the necessary licenses to carry out humane bird control services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Beginning with a survey of your site, our expert team will first advise you on the best course of action, before supplying you with a cost effective, proven and permanent solution that works.

We use only the finest bird control products on the market. Netting and spikes that have been fully sanctioned and approved by the RSPB, so you can deploy them confident that they won’t harm birds or other animals.

Fully licensed and equipped with years of industry knowledge and experience, you’ll never be alone with your bird problems. Instead you’ll be protected by a team whose reputation for excellence and efficiency will afford you maximum results.

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